About Bavarian

Bavarian Link Meat Products produces a complete range of pork, beef and poultry based European style deli meats.

The company is set up to produce small and large batches at competitive prices and is well positioned to cover most requirements of the demanding retail and food service sectors. The company has successfully responded to trends in the meat processing industry such as the demand for healthier products, the elimination of monosodium glutamate (MSG) from product preparation and a consumer move towards poultry products.

Where we came from

Bavarian Link Meat Products Limited in North Bay was formed by the union of two leading meat processors and their retail stores, and has evolved to become one efficient and progressive company.

Bavarian Meat Products, founded in 1975, was bought by Rudolf Meyer and his family in 1988. The business continuously expanded its activities by developing new products and processes. The company’s main focus is to provide a wide range of high quality European deli meat to a growing number of clients in Ontario, Quebec and many export markets.

The Link Delicatessen store was started by the Link family in 1956 in Kitchener and prospered throughout the 60’s and 70’s in their retail outlet in Dundas. In 1989, the Link family opened a meat processing plant in Hamilton.

Over the years, Link’s deli meats were sold across western Ontario and the greater Toronto area to secondary and primary grocery stores as well as to food service companies.

As a millennium project, Bavarian Meat Products and Link’s joined forces in North Bay to offer their customers the benefits of a wider selection of products and even better quality.

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